Hoverfly on Paris Daisy.jpg

March 12, 2013

Bee on Paris Daisy.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr. Another one of my favourite photos from today’s photography session. It has been hard to decide which is the best one. Patricia I have been informed that the insect is a hoverfly and not a bee.  I think I need to brush up on …

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Hoverfly on a Paris Daisy

March 12, 2013

Bee on Paris DaiyDSCF4475.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr. Today I have been outside in the bright sunshine taking photos. I still have a few Paris Daisies in the garden and the bees were very busy collecting pollen. It is a real challenge being fast enough to get good photos and this was …

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Pinterest Inspiration

March 11, 2013

Hi there Following on from my Facebook digital art I decided to do a layout for Pinterest.  I have got a lot of inspiration for my crafts from Pinterest and this is my acknowledgment of the influence it has on my creations.  I have still managed to make the page pink, despite Pinterest having a …

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Sunworshipping Sox.jpg

March 10, 2013

Sunworshipping Sox.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr. Today I took lots of photos of flowers and my cat and this photo was the best of the bunch. I have done no editing or cropping with this photo. He is hard to capture at times as he senses when I have a camera in …

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Dandelion seedhead_0003.jpg

March 09, 2013

Dandelion seedhead_0003.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr. I am very pleased with how this photo turned out despite my lovely cat trying to walk in front of the dandelion and brushing all the seeds away. This photograph seems to have an otherworldly feel to it. I love macro photography and am constantly looking …

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Facebook Friends

March 08, 2013

Hello This digital layout is dedicated to  my special friend and Facebook friend Jo.  She is loving my digital creations and asked that I do this layout for her.  I hope she likes it. My next project will be a layout for Pinterest. Happy Crafting. Patricia

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Pink and Black Music Digital Layout

March 07, 2013

Welcome back. I am still working on the digital chic theme and this time I have used music as my theme.  I love the combination of pink and black and I have put in my own flower photos.  All the embellishments on this layout is free including the background paper from http://freevintagedigistamps.blogspot.co.uk.  There are lovely …

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Nick Kelsh Facebook Chat – Tips + Q&A

March 05, 2013

Nick Kelsh Facebook Chat – Tips + Q&A. This article has some great tips on getting more out of your cameras to take great photograpns.

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Time for Easter

March 02, 2013

Hello again. I would like to thank everyone for their feedback on my blog.  It is gratifying to know that I am on the right track and people are enjoying my writing. Unfortunately, my creative brain has gone missing in action for the last week or so, but I have managed to do a couple …

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More digital shabby chic

February 23, 2013

Hi there I have been further developing my theme of digital shabby chic and using my wedding photos in a layout using shabby chic embellishments from a range of sources.  I have also used black and white photos to good effect (I think) in the second layout. Two things I love about digital scrapbooking or …

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Digital Shabby Chic

February 20, 2013

Welcome Unfortunately health issues have slowed me down a little, but I can still play with my StoryBook Creator 4.0.  I have been really inspired by the gorgeous shabby chic cards and tags on Pinterest and have tried to replicate the same effects on the computer.  I have used some free images that I got …

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Rugged little boy

February 12, 2013

Hello again I have now started with doing my son’s 12 x 12 album using the Rugged Power Palette and additions.  I have used the Rugged Baby Boy Additions and am really pleased with how the pages have turned out.  I will be buying another set of additions as I had so many photos of …

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