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Tears for all the people in Boston at the moment.

April 17, 2013

  Raindrops on white Bower Vine_0009.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr.   Raindrops are nature’s tears and I felt that this photo with raindrops on a pure white flower was really appropriate in light of what has happened in Boston. My thoughts are with you in America.  

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‘Fairies leaving their home’

April 16, 2013

Dandelion seedhead_0004.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr. My photo for the day. Unfortunately, I tend to have a lot of weeds in my garden, but you know what they make really interesting photos. I was really pleased with the detail in this photo using my intelligent zoom. When I was young I used …

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Hoverfly on Paris daisy_0003.jpg

April 15, 2013

Hoverfly on Paris daisy_0003.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr. My photo of the day. Today was a good day to get outside and take photos as the day was a little overcast, but not a lot so there was a very soft light which is lot easier to adjust settings for. I used …

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Macro of Sox_0013.jpg

April 14, 2013

  Macro of Sox_0013.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr.   My photo of the day. I have started using the manual features of my phone and my lovely cat, Sox, has been the unwilling subject of my practice. He keeps moving and it is hard to catch him still. Have a good day …

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More Rugged Baby Boy

April 12, 2013

Welcome to all the visitors to my blog.  I hope that you are enjoying the variety of posts from cardmaking and scrapbooking to photography. I am still working on my son’s scrapbook album and here is a photo layout of him at 2 weeks old.  He was such a tiny wee baby and very photogenic …

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Bumble bee on snapdragon_0001.jpg

April 11, 2013

  Bumble bee on snapdragon_0001.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr.   My photo of the day. I have been exploring my camera and started using the A setting on the camera and discovered the optical digital zoom which gave me a lot more grunt for macro photography. Here I managed to get a …

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Rain drops on snapdragons.jpg

April 10, 2013

Rain drops on snapdragons.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr. We have finally had some rain and the water restrictions have lifted thank goodness. I love going out after the rain and taking photos of rain drops. Rain drops are like nature’s diamonds and just glow in the light. This was one of my …

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Photo Panels are wonderful!

April 08, 2013

This is a great article about the photo panels from Creative Memories

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April 08, 2013

  Magnolia_0032.jpg, a photo by Patricia Manhire on Flickr.   Welcome back. My neighbour has a big magnolia tree and every so often the tree produces beautiful large blooms. I managed to capture this flower opening over the space of half an hour. Here the flower is almost completely open and the centre is exposed. …

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Enchanted digital sketch

April 05, 2013

  Sometimes I need a little inspiration for my scrapbooking whether it be traditional or digital.  So some clever people have come up with scrapbook layout sketches that make it so easy to get great results.   One of these very clever and smart people is Chris Lothian who is has a Facebook page called …

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Autumn is coming

April 03, 2013

Hello there Autumn is finally here and the leaves are starting to change colour and to celebrate some rain and cooler weather at last, I have created an autumn layout on my StoryBook Creator 4.0.  I have used the Fall Appreciation 2012 kit as the colours are very autumnal.   The layout was a sketch …

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I found the Easter Bunny!

April 02, 2013

Today I went out to take some photos down at the Hutt River and came across an errant bunny in the bushes around the bridge.  I managed to get one photo of it before it disappeared.  I thought the timing was quite timely especially as we have just had Easter in the weekend.  However, I …

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