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Handcrafted Gift Cards

Hand Crafted Cards

Nothing is more heartfelt than sending handmade cards to friends and family. In our online world, all too often we forget how wonderful it felt to send and receive greeting cards in the mail. This year send your birthday and Christmas cards through the post. They are far more personal than a text message on social media or a quickly written email. A hand made card shows that you've remembered to mark the occasion. But it also demonstrates that you cared enough to planned in advance to acknowledge as well.

Handmade Cards for Birthdays

Birthdays are absolutely loved by children, but not so much as we age. However, all ages love finding a birthday card in the letterbox because:
• Handmade cards are more meaningful than mass produced ones
• They can be personalised for the receiver and situation
• They are a real physical thing you can touch and feel
• You can display them in your home after your birthday has passed as a piece of artwork
Birthday cards are often made in many styles. Cat and dog themed cards are perfect for animal lovers both young and old. A three-dimensional hand made card is perfect for older adults, especially those suffering from poor eyesight. The textures on these cards are great for touching, as well as being easier to see. Photo cards are also popular and we have many NZ flora and fauna themed cards ideal for sending overseas.

New Baby Cards

There is nothing like a new baby to make us want to mark the occasion with something special. Newborn babies are adorable and they deserve the best! That's why we have NZ's best collection of handmade baby cards right here at Gift Hutt. Available in a wide range of neutral and gender specific colours, they are a wonderful keepsake for new parents and babies alike. Often parents want to keep these cards to give to their children when they turn 21. Your handwritten message may even be read out to them when they become of age!

Unique Christmas Cards

Each year it gets more and more expensive to post parcels overseas and around NZ. Sending a handmade Christmas card though is incredibly affordable. You still get to give a loved one something made in New Zealand, as well as being able to add your personal message to it. Our beautiful Christmas cards are certain to be treasured and loved no matter where they travel.